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Removing parameters from routes in Laravel

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Laravel’s abort() helper explained

Taking a deeper look at the Laravel's abort() helper and an undocumented implementation that you might find interesting.

Simple view components for your Laravel applications

A while ago, I published an article Introducing View Components in Laravel as an alternative to Laravel's View Composers, in this article I'll give you another option to create simple standalone components to use in your Blade views.

Redirect a request to a specific route in Laravel

Improve your SEO using structured data objects (JSON-LD)

How make your content appear in the first results on google search? That’s the one million dollar question (probably more). Using structured data objects can help you a lot with that.

Delete merged branches from your local git history

How often do you delete old branches from your local **Git** repositories? I never did that before, until now, let me show you how.

Speed up your Laravel pages by caching the responses

Understanding Laravel Pipelines

Basically, using laravel pipelines you can pass an object between several classes in a fluid way to perform any type of task and finally return the resulting value once all the “tasks” have been executed.

Whitelist selectors on Purgecss

PurgeCss is a node package that allows you to strip out all the unnecessary CSS code from your compiled files, learn how to whitelist selectors on Purgecss to prevent from removing them from your CSS.

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