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About becoming a publisher

About becoming a publisher -

Welcome to my completely refreshed website.

After spending years writing a few articles on different websites, I finally decided to create my own platform to start writing and sharing some content.

I’ve been developing websites exclusively for publishers for about 5 years now, and having the “writer” view, allowed me to empathize with my clients more profoundly, understanding their needs, and trying to build the best solutions for them.

Now I’m trying to go a step ahead to get the “Publisher” view, to know what’s like to handle this kind of business from a “management” position, for instance:

These are common questions that our clients use to ask form time to time, and although, from a technical position, you can answer appropriately, being in the “field,” will give you some ideas of how to approach this requests differently… Or at least, that’s why I think.

So, from now on, I’ll be writing and sharing content on this platform, while trying to figure out how to keep developing better and better products for my clients.

I hope you all enjoy this content, all the comments would be very much appreciate it.

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